Almost a quarter of internet traffic infringes Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

The Tbilisi TV Broadcasting Tower in Georgia.

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That’s right! To be exact, 23.7% of internet traffic infringes IP rights, according to a recent study commissioned by NBC Universal. So as telecom networks continue to grow their capacity to supply ever more broadband to an insatiable consumer, via 4G wireless platforms and fiber to the home for fixed line providers, avid market makers are quickly supplying multimedia content to those consumers avid for entertainment (most often music, films and TV series). But we are discovering that a significant number of those providers are not properly paying IP rights for broadcasting their content. The US government is pushing hard to seize internet domains which are free riding on digital content, and has discovered that these sites capture an amazing quantity of traffic: about 70 million hits on 82 reported seized domain sites.

Broadband expansion is set to continue its robust growth across the world, there is no doubt about it. We should only be aware that this glut of network capacity is also feeding an appetite for multimedia content that once released into the web, is very hard to track down and control. This is a very important risk factor which may impact revenue streams expected by the promoters of business models built around multimedia content. In the old world of TV broadcasting, control over content was relatively efficient on closed distribution channels. But in the web environment this control is proving to be much harder to enforce. This is a real challenge that multimedia providers should address as they assess the viability of migrating to the internet world.

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