Why Apple’s iBeacon Is Better Than NFC

Why Apple’s iBeacon Is Better Than NFC ⚙ Co.Labs ⚙ code + community.

We have long known that Apple was not interested in NFC, and the detrimental implications to mobile payments that a big player was not carrying a long-awaited technology to engage smartphones with payments.

After the i-phone iOS7 release there are more details coming out that suggest where the possible payment and mobile commerce strategies are going for Apple. And if this proves to be a real game changer, then Android and the rest of the pack will follow.

So for short range applications that NFC is good for, this new technology based on Bluetooth BLE will enable the same LBS functionality needed for payment and m-commerce. And now coupled with the powerful fingerprint authentication introduced by the new i-phone 5s you have a perfect match to trigger a more convenient retail payment experience for the consumer. The challenge now is to address any privacy and security concerns and to equip the POS with a matching formula to confirm payment for the merchant.

Exciting time for mobile payments with strong winds of change starting to pick up again.

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