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When bitcoin’s biggest exchange failed, it asked for a bailout from its competitors

The fall of MtGox evokes Schumpeter’s creative destruction at its best. The second generation of Bitcoin exchanges will provide the much needed security that individuals have been looking for, by getting the main stream financial system on board. Exciting times … Continue reading

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Apple’s Next Trick: Making the Retail POS Disappear

Apple’s Next Trick: Making the Retail POS Disappear | Street Fight. This potential for Apple to make it happen has been known for along time. Apple is best suited to dominate the consumer side armed with the iPhone and  iTunes. … Continue reading

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You Can Now Pay Cash For Bitcoin at 28,000 UK Stores

You Can Now Pay Cash For Bitcoin at 28,000 UK Stores. Bitcoin deployment at street level is beginning to catch on quickly. Cash exchanges at POS and retail outlets will definitely help to gain traction. This model is bound to … Continue reading

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The future for consumer-driven retail payment models

Who will decide the future of retail payments? | Banking industry. Excellent analysis on the demand aspects for the emerging models. My 50 cents to this view is that the new payment systems will also be required to process funds … Continue reading

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