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Ujo: Launching Blockchain ideas for the Music industry

Ujo is a new shared infrastructure for the creative industries that has just released a live prototype, based on Blockchain technology, which uses Imogen Heap’s new song “Tiny Human” as a test case. Source: Ujo Music Advertisements

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Bank of England

There’s a lot of buzz around blockchain. So the Bank of England launched a contest to gather innovative ideas of potential applications among university students in the UK. The winning team, from the University of Edinburgh, won with their idea … Continue reading

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When blockchains dissolve regulatory boundaries

Thought provoking on the possibilities of digital identity and blockchains. Source: Consult Hyperion’s Dave Birch imagines when blockchains dissolve regulatory boundaries

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R3 brings eleven major global financial institutions together on a cloud based distributed ledger

Blockchain starts to get traction. Lab experiments begin with 11 banks of the consortium. Source: R3 brings eleven major global financial institutions together on a cloud based distributed ledger — R3 CEV

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Has Bitcoin failed?

This is the first proposition of a serious paradigm shift I have come across since I first learned about Bitcoin. A must read blog to gather lessons learned before taking on the future of Blockchain applications. As with any payment … Continue reading

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Why money transfers is so slow in the US?

Why does it take so long to send money from one bank account to another? This is an excellent podcast by the Planet Money guys, quite entertaining with their distinct satire. Although it was released 2 years ago, it is … Continue reading

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Happy 1st birthday, Apple Pay?

Apple Pay Consumer Adoption Rates Still Slow. A new article provides the latest data and projections of just how well Apple Pay is doing and how it’s expected to trend over the next 3-5 years. Source: Apple Pay Consumer Adoption … Continue reading

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