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When blockchains dissolve regulatory boundaries

Thought provoking on the possibilities of digital identity and blockchains. Source: Consult Hyperion’s Dave Birch imagines when blockchains dissolve regulatory boundaries Advertisements

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India – An intrepid Approach for Financial Inclusion

Aadhaar is the ​federal government’s ​biometric identification system in India, which currently has 820 million residents registered – a phenomenal base – somewhere around 2/3 of the population. By all reports, the basic technologies, both the biometrics and the database, … Continue reading

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Apple’s Touch ID Changes Could Revolutionize Mobile Payments

Apple’s Touch ID Changes Could Revolutionize Mobile Payments | Re/code. No big announcement on payments this week by Apple, as many had speculated but finger print touch ID is holding that expectation. The problem is that that kind of approach … Continue reading

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Decentralizing Digital Identity

Continuations : Decentralizing Identity. This is an interesting overview on the different options out there seeking to decentralize digital ID. I agree that the future points in that direction, and would be even more important once the use of Bitcoin … Continue reading

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The future for consumer-driven retail payment models

Who will decide the future of retail payments? | Banking industry. Excellent analysis on the demand aspects for the emerging models. My 50 cents to this view is that the new payment systems will also be required to process funds … Continue reading

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India’s audacious plan to embed mobile payments into national ID card

India’s audacious plan to bring mobile payments to the masses: pair them with a national ID card – Quartz. Worth following up given the magnitude of India’s population. This is the largest biometric collection endeavour ever undertaken. Their numbers a … Continue reading

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Why don’t we see finger print readers on smartphones?

iNVASIVECODE – Blog • Will a fingerprint sensor be Apple’s next hit? …. Excellent article explaining the technical limitations of finger print readers and the implications for linking to digital ID and mobile payments.

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